6th International Tsunami Mitigation WorkShop

New Insights in Tsunami Research and Tsunami Preparedness, Warning and Mitigation

Guayaquil, Ecuador, September 14-15, 2007
Co-sponsored by the IUGG Joint Tsunami Commission, Ecuador’s Instituto Oceanografico de la Armada (INOCAR), and the UNESCO IOC ICG/PTWS

Author Title Size Country
IGARASHI, Yosuke Verification of Japanese Tsunami Data in the Integrated Tsunami Database (ITDB) 0.5 MB PDF Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA)
WONG, Wing-tak Numerical tsunami modeling based on high resolution bathymetry data 9 MB PDF China
SATAKE, Kenji Inverse modeling for Present, Past, and Future Tsunami 104 MB PDF Japan
GUASIAKOV, Viacheslav How we measure the overall size of tsunami: review of tsunami intensity and magnitude scales 2 MB PDF Russia
REYMOND Dominique Tsunami amplitude estimation from numerical simulations and empirical laws 3 MB PDF French Polynesia
IVELSKAYA, Tatiana The Kuril Islands earthquake and tsunami of 15 November 2006 as observed in the near-field zone 28 MB PDF Russia
RABINOVICH, Alexander Numerical modeling and observations of the 2006 and 2007 Kuril islands tsunamis on the coast of South America 50 MB PDF Russia
RABINOVICH, Alexander Comparative analysis of the 1960 Chile and 2004 Sumatra tsunamis recorded on the coast of South America 15 MB PDF Russia
ENRIQUEZ, Andres Local tsunami generated by a landslide in the fjord region, southern Chile, April 21st, 2007. Experiences and mitigation measures 10 MB PDF Chile
DE LA TORRE, Giorgio High resolution bathymetric and geological maps of the Ecuadorian Continental Margin as a tool for tsunami risk assessment 13 MB PDF Ecuador
ARREAGA, Patricia Tsunami wave travel time modeling along the coast of Ecuador 3 MB PDF Ecuador
RENTERIA, Wellington GIS based modeling for flooding maps generation for Puerto Bolivar and Salinas (Ecuador) based on the 1953 earthquake 2 MB PDF Ecuador
TOULKERIDIS, Theofilos Latent tsunamigenic risk by a submarine landslide at unstable flanks of the volcano Roca Redonda, Galapagos, with implications for major Ecuadorian harbors 5 MB PDF Ecuador
PAZMINO, Andres Morphology of the Ecuadorian Platform, a brief description to understand the implications of trench existence in an active margin 11 MB PDF Ecuador
DUNBAR, Paula NOAA/NGDC/WDC Historical Tsunami Database Quality Control Status Report 1 MB PDF USA
SOTO, Yadira Tsunami Ready: Recognizing Communities Running the Last Mile of the Tsunami Warning System in Puerto Rico 3 MB PDF Puerto Rico
BARTOMIOLI, Edgardo Experiences in tsunami risk management and preparedness in the Province of Esmeraldas 0.5 MB PDF Ecuador
TORREALBA, Pablo Components of an end-to-end Early Warning System 0.8 MB PDF Ecuador
KONG, Laura A Life-saving Partnership: Media and Science in Tsunami Early Warning 3 MB PDF IOC
GUERRERO, Patricio The use of communication and information technology as a tool for tsunami risk management in Ecuador 1 MB PDF Ecuador
ALIAGA, Bernardo Full scale evacuation exercise of Thailand on July 25, 2007: Lessons learned for tsunami warning at community level centering preparedness and response at school as a community learning center 43 MB PDF IOC
Instituto Oceanografico de la Armada (INOCAR) Public Lecture: Nuevas visiones en la investigacion, preparacion, alerta y mitigacion de Tsunamis 9 MB PDF Ecuador