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30th ITS 2021 at Sendai, Abstract submission Open

The International Tsunami Symposium is held once everytwo years, and is a place where tsunami researchers anddisaster prevention personnel from about 30 countries gatherto discuss a wide range of topics such as tsunami warning,damage prediction, tsunami evacuation, and tsunami disasterprevention education. The next 30th meeting will be held inSendai under the theme of “10 years since the Great EastJapan Earthquake-10 years of experience and lessons learnedfor the next generation.” Leaders from all over the worldwill gather at the symposium to share the progress oftsunami research and tsunami disaster prevention over thelast 10 years. Considering the significance of holding theevent in the disaster area at the 10th anniversary of theearthquake and tsunami, we are planning to hold publicevents and study tours in the disaster area.

1) Abstract submission from October 14, 2020 to January31, 2021(JST); Notification of acceptance: March 1, 2021(JST)


2) Early registration begun!

3) Presentation Style
Select your presentation style which you would like toas below.
Please be noted that the maximum numbers of oralpresentation and poster presentation is approximately 50 and100 respectively.
Oral presentation
Poster presentation

4) Best poster award (young researcher)
ITS2021 has a poster presentation award for youngresearchers (a few).
The purpose of this award is to encourage youngresearchers in the field of tsunami research.
Young researcher: researchers who have received theirdoctoral degree less than eight years ago and students.